Jul 8, 2010

La pluie.

One of my favorite words in French is "pluie" which means "rain". I love how it is pronounced (ploo-eee) with that last "ee" almost whistling in the wind. AND I also love the rain. But since everything in large quantities is bad, so is the rain. :( It is a shame that  in some parts of Mexico, rain has brought disgrace, thirst and destruction. It is almost unbelievable how something that brings so much joy at times can also bring so much sorrow. (If you want to know more about what happened, try googling "ALEX + Monterrey" to see the terrible pictures and get to know the facts).

But since my 2010 resolution is see the positive in everything, I looked around to find inspiring pictures about the rain, to give me strength and return with my parents and help them around Monterrey and see what can I do to ease their lack of water and excessive dirt brought in by the hurricaine.

Good thing is cloudy and rainy weather gets me to crocheting--- so that I will do. :)