Jun 24, 2010

Nigella Lawson

I just found another girl-crush. I made myself a sandwich and half a bag of salted chips with tons of sauces I adore and decided to dedicate my rainy Thursday afternoon to watching crap TV because my boyfriend is busy today and cannot boss the control like he uses to. So, I turn on the TV and find this gorgeous British lady that cooks heavenly recipes and is somewhat of the woman I'd love to be when I'm older: sassy, sexy and creative: Nigella Lawson.

I am just secretly praying that her show is not cut off on FOX LIFE, or that this channel is not cut off from my cable provider.

I LOVE HER. I'm going off to continue watching her, but please visit her website if you feel you have to check out her recipes and ideas, OR google her, trust me, she is gorgeous, I want to look like that when I'm 40.

Jun 21, 2010

Mexican Crafts - my love.

Taking just a little advantage and getting on the global wave of the Southafrican World Cup, I'm cheering all the way for Mexico and with all of my heart I hope we can make it to the late and last stages of the cup. :) So, since we're facing tomorrow one of our most challenging matches, I wanted to include some of my favorite Mexican crafts and write about what I know about these crafts. Ultimately, what I know is so little, but my whole life will be dedicated (promise) to getting to know all the little towns and artisan styles of my country. Which, personally, I found myself to be a little concerned on the usage of the word "artisan" which by definition means someone that makes artsy stuff that useful, because art is supposed to be "useless"(that is why ARTISTS are called like that, because they know their technique and do pretty stuff that is useless) but oh well, for me, the people behind all these crafts are masters of their own ways, and its a little sad that only foreigners respect and admire this kind of art (Mexicans are not so fond of artisanry, that's whats sad). But not me. I am one of its biggest fans. :)

Barro Negro (Black Clay). This art is original from the southwestern region of Mexico: Oaxaca, one of the fullest and most vibrant regions in my country. Unluckily I've never been there, but hopefully I will soon. :) This clay is special because it is worked -as any clay is- when it is still wet and moldy, and it gets that special shine when worked and polished.

Talavera Poblana (Pueblan Talavera): Puebla is a central region in Mexico, known internationally by its cuisine (the famous "mole poblano", a dark sauce made out of chocolate and chilis cooked to acocompany white meat such as chicken) and by this special craftsmanship of ceramic called "Talavera". Most of the classic designs of Talavera are hand-drawn over white ceramic, and the traditional color is blue over white. Lovely combination on a monochrome house this would make, huh? :)

Arte Huichol: (Huichol Art) The "huichols" are a special indigenous tribe that has its origins in the states of Nayarit, Sinaloa and Jalisco of Mexico. Huichol art is also very very famous among tourists because you can find Huichol art in almost any touristic gettaway in Mexico. But beware, this art is not for the cheap-os. The pieces that you see in the images above are a little expensive due to the dedicated work with special color beads upon wood figurines of animals. For example, the leopard head's price can vary between 300 - 500 USD. Obviously if you ever go to the original Huichol regions in Mexico, you can find cheaper pieces or buy little affordable earrings. It is one of my favorite Mexican crafts because of its delicacy and color.
Árbol de la Vida (Tree of Life) : As far as I am enchanted with the colors, mise en place and various materials craftsmen use to create these "Trees of Life" I have many doubts on its origins. Some people say they're originally from Michoacan, other people say they're from Oaxaca. The only thing I know is that someday I will have a veeery big one on my entrance hall at home. :) The special thing about these trees is that they supposedly should portray all aspects of life: The heavenly, the earthly and the infernal, because well, that is life, after all.

Calacas, calaveras, calaquitas, catrinas: (Skulls). Without a doubt, the calacas are my most favorite Mexican craft. Whether they're made of clay, or papièr maché or drawn, the Mexican impersonation of death draws my attention the most. Many people have asked me what is it that I like about all of my calacas (I buy a calaca from every place in Mexico I visit, I have nearly 15 by now), but I don't know what to answer. Maybe, it's because I found calacas to be mocking death, or maybe it's just that death is something so common that I am fascinated of the characerization of death, its apparent lux and pleasure, I don't know. I love the boney bodies and faces. This tradition of antropomorphing death was originated in Aguascalientes, by the illustrator José Guadalupe Posadas. This year I HAVE to visit the museum in Aguascalientes (it's only 3 hours away from my house).

Here you go. Hope you enjoyed my short reccopilation of the Mexican crafts I love the most. :)

Jun 18, 2010

Etsy Faves.

I'm feeling so blocked-on-posts lately that I decided to post some of my latest FAVS on Etsy to get things going in my mind. Good news is that rain season has just begun in Guadalajara, which means more crochet-time for me without actually melting in front of a fan! :)
Me siento tan bloqueada últimamente sobre qué escribir que decidí postear mis últimos favoritos de Etsy para empezar a mover todo. La buena noticia es que ya empezó la temporada de lluvias en Guadalajara, lo que significa más tiempo para crochetear sin derretirme por el calorón que ha estado haciendo. :) 

Links to sonme of my favorite things on Etsy:

Jun 9, 2010

Photo-inspiration by ANTM.

One of my guiltiest pleasures is crap TV. I'm sorry but I absolutely adore reality shows and find myself submerged in the world of fake reality anytime I have the chance. Yesterday, the show that caught my eye twice the same day was some past season of America's Next Top Model. I have this fascination with the photoshoots they produce on the show. Yesterday it was Mike Rosenthal's chance to put the "models" in front of the ballots posing for the American Obama election. I then became intrigued to know more about this super hip and young photographer directing the models, so I googled him. I loved his work and saved some of his pictures on my hard disk, waiting to someday produce shoots like those (believe me, I will! :p) It's a shame that I couldn't find tons and tons of his work online, but hey... I leave you here with some sources of inspiration for photography and (why not) crafts.


Uno de mis placeres más culposos en la vida es ver reality shows, siempre me sumerjo en esos mundos de "falsa realidad" por horas, y me encanta la experiencia. Ayer el show que cautivó mi atención una vez en la mañana y otra en la noche fue una edición pasada de America's Next Top Model. Me encanta ese programa por que soy una fashion-closet-junkie y me encantan las sesiones fotográficas que producen para las modelos. En esta ocasión, fue el turno del fotógrafo americano Mike Rosenthal, a quien le tocó producir y dirigir una sesión de las chicas con el tema Elecciones (Obama vs. McCain). Fue así que el trabajo de este chico me intrigó a tal grado de buscarlo en Google. Me encantó su trabajo y guardé algunas de sus -en mi opinión- mejores fotografías en mi disco duro, para servirme de inspiración para próximas sesiones (y prometo hacerlas!) Es una lástima que no encontré más de su trabajo online, pero bueno :) al menos como inspiración sirven para mucho.


Jun 8, 2010

Upcoming babies. (winter mode)

Some friends of mine are having babies real soon! :) So, I decided to photograph some of them AND to make them a small but significative present I could definitely afford: baby shoes!
Remember my Baby Inspired post? Well, this is the outcome!
Although temperatures are on the rise, this is my winter version for baby shoes, which are more like baby boots! :) I'll be posting some pictures on the summery-baby shoes I made!

In case you cannot understand my pictures and/or want to start crocheting your own baby shoes, please watch any video on YOUTUBE on the basics of crochet, like this for example. I actually have one by me on Facebook BUT it is in Spanish :p
At the end of the post, some examples on the pictures I took from my pregger friends!
Algun@s amig@s están por tener bebés muy pronto! :) Así que decidí tomarles fotografías a sus pancitas y además hacerles un regalito pequeño pero significativo y que definitivamente se adecuaba a mi presupuesto: zapatitos de bebé! :)
¿Se acuerdan de mi post Baby Inspired / Inspirado en Bebés ? Este es el resultado!

Aunque las temperaturas del mundo van en ascenco, estos zapatitos son mi versión invernal para los bebés! También postearé mi versión más veraniega de zapatitos de verano en caso de que quieran adquirir unos para sus amig@s.

En caso de que no entiendan las fotos del proceso y quieran comenzar a hacer los suyos, por favor vean este video sobre los Básicos del Crochet que hice algún tiempo. (Una previa disculpa a su calidad!).

Al final del post, ejemplos de las fotos que les tomé a mis amigas embarazadas. :)

The preggers: