Mar 1, 2011

Fashion crochet or Crochet Fashion

Si todavía te encuentras resistiéndote a tejer, tal vez éste post te abra un poco más la mente.
El tejido del crochet permaneció por muchos años debajo de la luz pública por que sus patrones, puntos y productos parecían sacados de cuentos de abuelita.
No sé cómo pasó o qué fue exactamente lo que motivó el renacimiento del crochet, pero ahora está en todas partes.
Tejer crochet se ha convertido en el nuevo yoga de celebridades, diseñadores y de gente común como tú y yo.
En la última VOGUE que compré, la edición Marzo 2011 con Lady Gaga en la portada (si, soy una VOGUE-ELLE-junkie) me sorprendió e inspiró la nueva colección de Dolce & Gabbana para este año.
Yep, muchísimas prendas crochet, ambientadas en una publicidad que parecen escenas de cualquier película de la Dolce Vita (amo esa estética, by the way). Todo empezó con Madonna, y ahora el renacimiento de las nonne y sus tradiciones están de vuelta en las pasarelas.
Cada prenda puede costar más de $1,000 USD fácilmente, ¿por qué no aprender a hacerlas tú misma? :p

La imagen de Dolce & Gabbana:
algunas de las prendas y accesorios de esta colección (D&G 2011):

Y si todavía no te queda claro:

Un post sobre la inspiración del crochet en las últimas pasarelas.
Chanel, Marni, Peter Jensen, Tous también le entran a la inspiración crochetera para sus nuevas temporadas.

Por mi parte, me dedicaré a seguir tejiendo. :p Toodles.

Feb 18, 2011

Tejercito Febrero

You can find the Spanish post here.

It's been ages since I posted, but I took some pictures last Tejercito meeting and wanted to share them with you. It's unbelievable what has been achieved by the loyal Tejercito girls in Guadalajara. :) (and by those in Monterrey who gladly keep on without the meetings, thank you girls!) I'm so in love with the project and some true good friendships have grown from crocheting together.

We girls should unite and use all our strenghts to invest in our societies. This is the least we can do, and I'm happy we crochet with a purpose.

To my loveliest girls:

Jan 7, 2011

Cancer detection & crochet

If the title alone didn't explain the idea, then read this post.

Yup. A clever girl in Toronto crochets, and decided to give a sex-sexy twist to her crochets. She decided to crochet boobs and penises as little amigurumi projects to (guess what) help teach people on how to explore themselves so they can detect (and prevent) cancer.

Clever, right? :) I just found these today and find them really funny and committed. :)

I just love how people find new uses to old traditions.

To see some more on Shannon and her products, visit her shop on Etsy.

Dec 6, 2010


Lately, I've been busy crocheting for a dear friend of mine organizing a very creative xmas bazaar.
So, here are some of my crocheted things you'll be seeing at her shop. You can also order directly to me :) Some of these crochets would truly make a great seasonal gift! Whaddayathink!

Oct 20, 2010

Tejercito keeps going strong!

OK so still not having a lot of time, but Toño a self proclaimed Tejercito fan took this pix of our last meeting and I have to post them back so you know that we've been busy and we've been crocheting :D
Hope you like them!

Todavía no me he dado tiempo suficiente para postear en este blog, pero Toño, un autoproclamado fan de Tejército, tomó estas fotografías de lo que hemos estado tejiendo, para que se vea que seguimos con el proyecto y que estamos ocupadas crocheteando!
Ojalá les gusten!

Oct 13, 2010

Knit for charity!

Ok, so I'm kinda back. A little ashamed to take this long to write a new entry, but belive me, thanks to God and internet courses, my little photography business has been kicking and living and gets me bee-busy all day long, so well... Sorry! :)
(that may be the reason why not so many people read this blog -- just thinking out loud!)

So, this past weekend I decided to give myself a little treat and I manicured and pedicured and bought the latest issue of CROCHET-Today! And it was so surprising to find 2 projects with the same objective as Tejercito: KNIT FOR CHARITY!

One is Knit-A-Square, a very awesome international project. You can decide to participate by just simply knitting granny squares for blankets and send them to SOUTH AFRICA! That's right! And why knit blankets for kids in South Africa if there's so hot in there? Wrong. South Africa is on the southern hemisphere, south south of Africa, which means cold winters-- so, why not give southafrican children a little help with a cozy hand-made blanket? :) You will find more information on the webpage and the exact measures and address to make your part.

The other project (which I couldn't find online) is heartbreaking but also heatwarming at the same time. Africa (once again) is the continent with the highest child mortality rate. Children die by the tons before reaching the age of 5 years. So, a group of international ladies decided to create a project on which they knit little caps for children in Ethiopia. Caps help keep little children warm, even in hot countries, these little handmade treats help diminish the mortality rates by just keeping little lovely heads warm. :)

We're in October, and Tejercito is flowing but still going a little slower than expected. Nevertheless, we shall make it work and by the end of this year I hope it reaches at least 50 children in Guadalajara and Monterrey. By reading the projects I tell you about, I got inspired and I've decided to launch Tejercito in Latin America.
You'll see. Let's dream big.


Sep 14, 2010

Noodles with celery

I miss crochet! But I promise I will post some of the things I've been doing :D
yeeeah, meanwhile a recipe:

Something quick and Beto-Friendly but also Veggie friendly. (But if you don't even eat flour, this may not be for you!):)

-A cup of pasta (very thin - noodle-like)
- 2 red tomatoes
- half an onion
- salt
- a slice of garlic
-  half a glass of water
- oil
- 1 1/2 cup of chopped celery

1. Fry the pasta with the oil until it starts smelling delicious and turns into a nice light tan. (MOVE repeatedly, otherwise it burns and turns brown!)
2. While frying, put the tomatoes, onion, garlic and salt in the mixer, pour the water and mix.
3. When the noodles are tanned and have been fried, pour the mix into it. (You should hear a lovely PSSHHHHH)
4. Mix once again and boil. (Cover it)
5. Put the celery to boil with the soup.
6. Taste to check salt. 

Una receta rápida, beto-friendly y también amigable con los vegetarianos que comen trigo. :)

- 1 taza de fideos
- 2 tomates rojos
- media cebolla
- sal
- 1 diente de ajo
- medio vaso grande de agua.
- aceite comestible.
- 1 1/2 tasa de apio picado.

1. Freir el fideo con aceite hasta que comience a oler rico y se torne café claro. (Mover repetidamente, de otra manera se pone café y se quema!)
2. Mientras se fríe, mezclar los tomates, cebolla, ajo, agua y sal en la licuadora y mezclar.
3. Cuando los fideos estén fritos y lindos, vertir la mezcla de la licuadora (se oirá un PSSHHH encantador).
4. Mezclar otra vez y dejar hervir. (Tapar, de preferencia).
5. Poner el apio en la mezcla.
6. Probar de sal.