Apr 29, 2010

My RikRak Studio - Mother's Day submission.

The Rikrak Studio opened up a submission to receive stories on handmade mother or granny stories and why where they so meaningful to you and to explain a little on what was the object of your affection.. I got inspired and thought of my grandma. I share my entrance to you, and hopefully we'll get mentioned on the website! WUU :)
El Rikrak Studio abrió una convocatoria para recibir historias sobre projectos hechos a mano de mamás y abuelas, la descripción del proyecto, por qué era tan importante para tí y qué habías aprendido de dicha persona. Me inspiré en un chalecito que me hizo mi abuela y comparto la entrada que envié con ustedes. Ojalá salga mencionada en la página de ésta chica! :) 

My entrance:

A hand-crocheted large wrap or cowl (you can use it either way)  in olive green made by my grandma.

My grandma is one of the women I admire the most in this world. She lived a harsh life, and she is a little rough around the edges, but she found in crochet a way to "escape" from what was going wrong in her life, so that is why everything she crochets englobes her warmth, bravery and love. I thought grannies -and specially mine- only crocheted boring stuff, so when I told her to crochet something for me I've seen in a magazine, I honestly didn't thought she'd make it. But she did it so perfectly that I love to wear my wrap-cowl no matter how the weather is. The wrap/cowl is very important because I only get to see my grandma few times a year, and I always feel as if I was hearing her stories and hugging her when I wear it. It makes me feel funny inside if I'm close to it. :) Plus, she taught me how to crochet and it is something I will never forget, she gave me something to remember her by as long as I live, and she is proud of my crocheting now. :)

When I started crocheting, she would supervise my projects and if she didn't like them, she would just pull the yarn out and make me start all over again, she taught me to be a perfectionist and to not let mediocrity get into my DIY. Although I got desperate, I learned to make things the right way.

Inspired on her I  even started a project to form an all-girls crochet group to knit for kids who practically live in hospitals due to cancer or other illnesses. Her mother love inspired me to give love through crochet projects to other people.

I love her for that.


My grandma by me some months ago:


  1. Me acordé mucho de mi abue y de que ella me enseñó a bordar cuando era niña y es algo que sigo haciendo y me encanta. Aw...